Friday, October 31, 2008

PBB VIDEO(S) OF THE DAY: Don't Vote...At Least Not Because We Told You To

You may have seen this condescending voting video put together by a bunch of actors and musicians. The smug literally emanates off the screen:


Dirty Harry has linked to a response video, which I'm declaring the PBB VIDEO OF THE DAY! (DAAAAY DAAAY DAAAAY DAAAY DAAAAY...):

"They read *lines* for a living!"


(Yes, I will post a couple more times about the election. Once, over the weekend, and once on next Wednesday. Then we can leave this whole political process behind us for a while.)


Okay, the RUNNER-UP for PBB VIDEO OF THE DAY! (DAAAAY DAAAY DAAAAY DAAAY DAAAAY...) is a follow-up to the McCain Campaign commercials bit I posted a few days ago. This time, Diablo Cody, David Lynch, and M. Night Shyamalan take a stab at creating a John McCain spot. These vids may be my favorite part of this election season, for rizzle:

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