Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Non-Political Postage

Okay, you need a breather, don't you.

I was gonna do a linky love here, but I don't have enough links to really justify it.

Maybe a shuffleblog? Nah, Will did one this week too, and I don't know if I can do better than Carman rapping.

Not much to say. Busy at work. Trying to get all my wandering ducks in order, etc. etc.

I'm reading a surprisingly good book right now. "Riven" by Jerry Jenkins. It's been a while since a Christian novel grabbed me, but I like his characters and am interested in seeing this story develop.

Okay, mini film review: "The Mission"

Incredible film about the conflict between Jesuit priests ministering to South American tribes in the 1700's, and the Spanish and Portuguese slave traders trying to enslave the natives. Jeremy Irons and Robert DeNiro star. Stirring, exciting, heartbreaking film. Awesome. And you know it's a great movie when you know what's coming, and dread the conclusion, but are rivetted to your chair. You see the antagonists on screen and shake your head, muttering, "You miserable b*****ds. You miserable, rotten b*****ds."

Here's the trailer.

Guess that's it. Feel free to comment on anything you want in the com-box below--as long as it's not politics.

P.S. Anarchists in masks are still friggin' cowards. (That ain't political--it's just true.)

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