Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who is this Jingo person, and why do you say I support him?

Rob at Say Anything brought today's Lileks piece to my attention. I read James Lileks' blog periodically, but haven't in a while. This reminded my why I should.

In today's post, Lileks perfectly captures a portrait of the snarky USA-bashing that's so popular with the kids these days. I'll give you the first paragraph.
Love of country must always be qualified these days, lest anyone think you are unaware of slavery, insufficiently regulated railroad stock offerings, Lester Maddox or the attempt by Philip Morris to conceal the addictive nature of cigarettes. Say “I love this country” at a dinner table with strangers, and it’s like shave and a haircut without the two bits. But? But? We are an exceptional nation, to be sure, but you can’t leave it at that. We are exceptionally misguided, exceptionally lazy and xenophobic, shot through to the pith with bilious perfidy, and our sole redeeming quality is our ability to constantly remake ourselves. We’ll either perfect society so we can perfect human nature, or do it the other way around. Either’s fine. Whatever works.

As we say in the blogging biz, read the whole thing.

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