Monday, September 17, 2007

Then and Now. (9.16.02--9.16.07)

Then: Recently graduated college.
Now: Pondering my first official college "reunion."

Then: Working at a job I wasn't qualified for and didn't particularly enjoy.
Now: Working at a job I'm eminently qualified for and always appreciate, if not enjoy.

Then: Dating someone I didn't appreciate enough (and embarrassingly called "fiancee," though we had barely begun talking about rings).
Now: Not dating, but nevertheless becoming more appreciative of women.

Then: Convinced I had written the first ten chapters of a bestselling book.
Now: Convinced I have a few good ideas that may become published novels one day, but only with a lot more hard work and refining.

Then: One hundred pounds overweight.
Now: Two hundred pounds overweight. *shrug* But working on turning back time.

Then: No internet programming skills.
Now: Practically no internet programming skills.

Then: Talked about work constantly on my blog.
Now: Talk about work just about never on my blog. I've learned the Dooce lesson. Gotta be careful.

Then: Didn't go to Sunday School.
Now: Have been teaching for over 2 years.

Then: Lived in a makeshift spare room in my parent's house.
Now: Live in an apartment downtown, next to a commuter rail line.

Then: Shook my fist at the Curse of the Goat.
Now: Shaking my fist at Steve Bartman...and the Curse of the Goat.

Then: "Hey, I wonder if this new football team in town will be any good this year?"
Now: "Hey, I wonder if this football team will be any good this year?"

Then: Didn't think I'd be blogging very long.
Now: Can't believe it's been five years.


[Happy fifth anniversary, blog. You started off as "Anything to Disrupt the Tedium," but life has been much more exciting than we expected. If anything, you were "A Way to Document the Turmoil" for a while there. I've often neglected you, occasionally overwhelmed you, but never once abandoned you. I don't know if I'll keep plugging away at the keyboard for five more years, but as far as the foreseeable future, you and me, babe, we're goin' places.]

Thank you, PBB readers. I keep saying it, but I don't think you believe me. You are the reason I do this. I know many of you don't stop by as often as you'd like, but I appreciate it all the same. Thank you for your continued patronage, and on behalf of the entire PBB staff, I'm pleased to say that we will continue to serve your work-distraction needs for years to come.

Be sure to sample our fine array of treats at the snack bar as you exit, and thanks again.


"Five years?!? Holy crap, has it been that long?"

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